• Seasonal Agricultural

    Seasonal Agricultural

    • Harvesting
    • Husbandry
    • Drivers in
    • Processing sites or at slaughterhouses,
      and their employers.
    • Seasonal agricultural work on a farm
      to pick fruit and vegetables
    • Certain horticulture activities at a farm,
      nursery or glasshouse
  • Horticultural work (Protected and field vegetables)

    Horticultural work (Protected and field vegetables)

    • The
      Soft and top fruits
    • THe
      Vines and bines
    • The
    • The
      Bulbs and cut flowers
    • The
      Pot plant
    • The
      Hardy ornamental nursery stock
  • Pork Processing

    Pork Processing

    • Pork processing
      at a slaughterhouse, processing site or farm
    • slaughtering and
      butchering pigs
    • preparing and
      processing pig meat (pork)

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We are inviting you to join training school, this job oriented training program secure your future needs to work as a seasonal worker. We look forward to have you with us for your career.
Sincerely, Director Haman Ch

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Nulla at velit convallis, venenatis lacus quis, efficitur lectus.

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